KAZ Consult

KAZ Consult


About Us - Who we are

To continuously contribute in full compliance with professional ethics to an increase of the Value of a Client’s business with a maximum contribution from our side.

KAZ CONSULT strategy
KAZ CONSULT is oriented primarily towards servicing small and medium sized enterprises. There are abundant opportunities to achieve for this business segment although the owners and the management of those enterprises are often seriously limited in budget for the consulting services. To address the issue KAZ CONSULT offers a variety of different remuneration options.

KAZ CONSULT experience
KAZ CONSULT has hands-on experience in the following business areas:

  • Real estate development and construction.
  • Production.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Financial sector.
  • E-commerce.

KAZ CONSULT location
KAZ CONSULT head office is located in Zagreb, Croatia. The services are offered both for domestic and international Clients. KAZ CONSULT pursues a fundamental principal of thinking globally and acting locally. Whereas the substantial volume of our job can be performed distantly the significant amount of time is to be spent within a Client’s premises.

KAZ CONSULT remuneration plans
KAZ CONSULT is flexible in achieving a remuneration agreement with its Customers. The following remuneration plans are negotiable.

  • one-off payment per consultation
  • continuous consultations on a retainer fee basis
  • non-executive director remuneration
  • payment in-kind by means of a share in a startup business
  • payment on the basis of a trust agreement