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The letter of a Director of KAZ CONSULT

Dear Valued Customers,

Any business is a complex vehicle that is determined to drive success to its stakeholders. This vehicle represents a constantly evolving mechanism. Doing a successful business is akin to playing a viola – it is always individual and rather sophisticated. Further to numerous uncertain factors surrounding a business there is no universal approach to guarantee success. However a competent management of a business that takes particular care of strategic issues does significantly reduce the risks associated with business development.

The professional advice on a business development may be required and bring benefits at any stage of a business evolution, both for startup companies and for long-operating businesses.

The developing institute of non-executive directors aims not only to dilute powers of a core management but also to bring its experience from different business areas into a new enterprise. The role of non-executives will be constantly growing not only for large corporations but also for smaller-scale businesses.

KAZ CONSULT pursues a Value-Based management (VBM) approach in dealing with its Clients. The VBM approach covers the whole chain of the value creation and ensures businesses are run consistently on value. VBM activities include:

Creating value – approaches to increase value
Managing for value – governance, change management, organizational culture, communication and leadership
Measuring value – appraising

KAZ CONSULT offers a vast range of business consultancy services ensuring Your enterprise a bright prospective. Your business is warmly welcome for servicing.

Yours sincerely,

Konstantin Zemskov, FCCA