KAZ Consult

  • A business analysis and preparation of various financial models


    A business analysis and preparation of various financial models


  • a calculation of a cost of an equity and borrowed capital as well as a calculation of a weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • a preparation of transfer price studies
  • compiling of variable financial plans
  • performing of various calculations on the basis of NPV, IRR, MIRR, discounted payback, duration technique and other methodologies applicable at a particular case
  • calculating of a breakeven point for a business
  • applying of financial scoring models (e.g. Altman Z-scoring)
  • an analysis of financial statements for profitability (ROCE, gross and net profit margins, dividend cover and dividend yield, P/E ratio and earnings yield), liquidity (current and quick ratio, raw materials / WIP / finished goods period), asset usage (working capital and fixed assets turnover), financial leverage and interest cover
  • an analysis of non-financial performance indicators (NFPI)

KAZ CONSULT assists Clients in delivering safe, robust, and efficient operations while maximizing production from their assets. The integrated approach is applied which covers technical, managerial, and behavioral elements of operations.