KAZ Consult

  • A project management service


    A project management service


  • handling of an project appraisal – on-going and post-project review
  • defining of stakeholder`s targets and project constraints
  • an advice on establishing of a pricing policy
  • maintaining of a project risk management which includes identification, controlling and handling risks
    It is now required by IFRS to disclose information on addressing key risks that a reporting entity faces (common risks are liquidity, credit and market risks).
    e.g. throughout maintaining of project risk management a value at risk can be calculated which is a measure of how the market value of an asset is likely to drop over a certain time under “normal” market conditions; this does significantly improve visualization of the process and allows easier and faster decision-making.

    e.g. hedging of a foreign exchange and interest rates risks is inevitable and substantial part of a project risk management.

KAZ CONSULTS offers an opportunity for its Clients to truly beat the market by helping them discover the direction, will, and capability to make the necessary changes to their approach to strategic and risk planning.

KAZ CONSULT helps Clients to foresee potential crises—including operational failures and natural disasters—and create safeguards to minimize the risk of their consequences. When crises take place, leaders are advised to take rapid strategic decisions and shape coordinated responses to help their organizations drive through stronger.

KAZ CONSULT helps Clients to design and implement integrated risk-management solutions and bring a risk-reward perspective to strategic decision making and day-to-day operations.

KAZ CONSULT helps Clients to create and preserve value by providing advice and analytics on managing market-risk exposures, selecting hedging strategies, and capturing market and trading opportunities.