KAZ Consult

  • Consulting both greenfield and operating enterprises on strategic development


    Consulting both greenfield and operating enterprises on strategic development


  • identification of a mission of a business
  • analysis of an enterprise’s external environment with application of PESTEL, Porter’s 5 forces, Porter`s diamond methodology, etc.
  • analysis of an internal position of a business suggesting identification of CSFs, determining of the business life cycles and carrying out a research into an enterprise’s resources
  • working out of a strategy for successful competitive advantage of an enterprise and proposing particular methods of a strategic development
  • consultation on strategic development and managing a strategic change which suggests selecting a type of change, analyzing a business`s cultural web, addressing a resistance to change, implementation of a business process change
    e.g. business process re-engineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes with the purpose to achieve serious improvements in cost, quality, service and speed.

Strategy is the integrated set of actions an organization takes to establish competitive advantage. It is a complex set of large and small decisions made in a constantly evolving external business environment that must take into account a company’s operating rhythm and a management culture. KAZ CONSULT can support clients throughout their strategic journey in today’s evolving global economy.

KAZ CONSULT brings methods and tools to help clients address complex challenges including capital-market strategy, growth and business building, and regulatory management.

Companies face a multitude of challenges when designing and executing corporate strategies. Many fail to distinguish a strategic review from the annual budgeting process, or lack adequate processes for strategic planning. Companies often struggle with their strategic management and planning processes. They might find it challenging to reconcile short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals, or have difficulty building the capabilities needed to execute their strategies. KAZ CONSULT helps companies strengthen their strategy development processes, enhance overall strategic decision-making, and improve execution. KAZ CONSULT can support clients in designing tailored solutions to specific issues or in fully redesigning their approach to strategic management and planning.

A critical part of enhancing the planning process is improving overall strategic decision-making capabilities. Left unrestrained, subconscious biases such as excessive optimism, groupthink, and loss aversion will undermine strategic decision-making. Behavioral strategy provides a perspective on—and a way to mitigate the impact of—the biases that are often inherent in clients’ decision-making processes. KAZ CONSULT helps organizations to design and deliver major change programs that create step-change performance improvement, build capabilities, and strengthen organizational behavior to renew and sustain exceptional performance over time.

To achieve success, companies must be able to foresee in order to adapt to the rapidly changing global business situation. KAZ CONSULT helps clients define strategies that take advantage of and benefit from global forces likely to disrupt and reshape their operating environment—both near term and long term.

The ability to drive transformational change—such as moving from good to excellent performance, cutting costs, or turning around a crisis—is a key source of competitive advantage. KAZ CONSULT can help Clients to shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement.